Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Call to Unity and Difference Equity

Taking a look at the human development index, Belgium is a good country to live in. In 2007,  we were in a better position than 91.3% of the rest of the world. Even if our position has already been better, there is nothing we could complain about. Does it capture all our reality? Of course not. For the one who knows about our political situation, it is obvious that this index - which is barely a statistical tool based on some selected criteria - is loosing some information like political stability and/or discrimination mechanisms, whatever they be positive or negative. I'm ashamed, terrified and bewildered to see how much time politicians can spend to stigmatize some differences or minor facts instead of worrying about major issues of our society. And when I mention "our society", I really mean, by order, the World, then Europe and finally Belgium. While most of us agree, the world is now global, some - politicians included - forget to change their priorities and point of views to be able to govern sanely!
That's because of such a disappointment of our political tool that I decided to wrote a letter to almost all belgian media. I hope that this one won't be only a message in a bottle. Here is a transcription of it (French version, Flemish Version) :

Belgium, country where I happily grew up, born in Bruxelles from a mother of flemish origin and a walloon father. Belgium, having "Strength Through Unity" as its motto. Belgium, internationally recognized as the heart of Europe, representing the greatest adventure of international unification of History. Belgium, country of surrealism! While some are globally unifying themselves, others are locally quarreling, pushing to an unbelievable separation. Unbelievable?! No! Surrealist! The Heart of Europe split in two! Even Magritte had not thought about it : "This is not Belgium".

If Magritte invite us to the hypersensibility, I shall remember, it is just purely theoretic. Gentlemen politicians, it is yours, and not only to the King, to keep the unity of our Belgium we have entrusted to you. Universal suffrage is not a toy you can use and abuse without sanctions. You are responsible for this virtual border that has gradually turned unavoidable, representative of a symbolic segregation of some differences in our nation. Today, this segregation becomes more and more concrete. The announcement of this scheduled discrepancy by some lead us in a no through road. Surrealism is an entertaining mind game, it is not and never will be a political solution!

As in any conflict, the solution primarily lies in understanding each other. Nothing is more destructive nor negative that withdrawal and ignorance or rejection of the other. In our arsenal? An infinite number of actions, symbols of tolerance, understanding and cooperation, all we can execute in our everyday life to demonstrate that we did not yet come at a surreal impasse that some would like us to follow and that there is another path.

So today, I invite to cooperation of all national and regional media, Flemish and Walloon, to take a step toward understanding of each other, releasing a regular and at the same day - as  a symbol of our union - a topic related to the "other region" and translated in both languages, symbols of the acceptance of the differences of our nation. Hoping that one day, this won't no longer be considered a subject related to the "other region" but as a topic on our united country! And yes, when that day comes, we will happily exclaim "This is not a region!".

Kind Regards

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