About Me

Hi, I'm Sébastien Tandel, better known as sta, a belgian hacker living in Porto Alegre, Brazil since end of 2006.

I like having headaches of all sorts but in particular when it comes to critical distributed environment. I really enjoy pushing further the limits of systems optimizing them, or solving distributed architecture issues and large-scale constraints.

Even being a hacker, I would like to show to the world that yes, hacker can speak about something other than technical stuffs or beer. Yes, I know, nobody is doubting anymore of this fact! But hey, it will be my proof ;)
I owe to the reader the following warning : "It might happen on some days that my nature will be stronger than my conscience. It means that from time to time, it might occur that a post will be inadvertently written about a technical matter." Un home averti en vaut deux!

I had some kind of blog - I did not consider it this way but people do - which is more or less static now (to not say dead). Maybe one day, I will migrate the posts there to this one, who knows ...

Have a good reading and tell me what you think about my random thoughts ... it will be a pleasure to grow by sharing ideas.

Your devoted belgian hacker, sta